Budissa BAG Plastic bags accessories

For perfect storage success

Budissa BAG bag accessories


To make it perfect

For perfect storage success, further important steps are required after the bag has been filled. We offer the necessary accessories all from one source.

For easy closing of the bag at the end, we offer the so-called “Masterseal Verschlussband”. This is a two-part plastic rail that can be used to close the end of the bag easily and tightly with the aid of a special roller. Supplied on spools of 75m each.

The bag must be degassed in the first few days after it has been ensiled. We supply special valves for this purpose, which can be easily inserted into the finished bag with a special piercer. After degassing is complete, the vents can simply be closed again.

Not to endanger the conservation process, we strongly recommend protecting the ready-made bags against bird damage. Our bird protection grids and sandbags are ideal for this purpose.