Our machines

We help you to preserve and store feed and grain with the most modern silage bag technology and BUDISSA BAGGER® made in Germany.


For which feed are you looking for the right machine?

Feed conservation in plastic bags

Rotor Bagger

with backstop or anchor
for ensiling all kinds of feedstuff like grass, alfalfa, sugar beet pulp and many more

Grain storage

Grain Bagger

with hopper and auger
for storing of human and feeding grain, corn and other bulk materials (fertilizer, pellets, salt)

Brewer's grains and by-products

Truck Bagger

Truck tipping with tunnel adapter
for brewers grain, wet & bulk materials

Wet grain conservation

Grinder Bagger

the roller mill
for milling and grinding dry & wet grain, corn, peas, canola seed

Whole beet and potatoes

Push Bagger

with pushing shield
for composting & storing whole sugar beets and potatoes

Used machines


Used machines