Gurppenbild Tage der offenen Tür

Every year we look forward to these exciting days with our international and national dealers and customers!

On these days at the BUDISSA BAG they looked at our machines and learned all the innovations in the ensiling in silage bags.

We introduced our new BUDISSA BAGGER RM 10.000 and ensiled with the BUDISSA BAGGER RM 8000 pressed sugar beet pulp in bags. In addition, there were specialist lectures and interesting conversations could be held during the later cozy get-together.

This year, the foil ensiling in silage bags will be 50 years!

The efficient method for ensiling proves itself with BUDISSA BAG in more than 35 countries. Constant development in technology and continuous progress have been very important to BUDISSA BAG for more than 25 years.

These are beautiful hours at BUDISSA BAG with guests from all over the world!

RM 10000 Tage der offen Tür 

RM 10000 Tage der offen Tür 2

RM 10000 Tage der offen Tür 3

RM 10000 Tage der offen Tür 5 

RM 10000 Tage der offen Tür 4


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