The ROmiLL CP2 PLUS is intended for use by contractors or in large farms. The crushed grain is wet or dry milled in a single pass and immediately placed in an airtight bag.

The machineis the most powerful Romil lwith bag system, sinceit is equipped with a double roll mill at a rolll ength of 1200mm. It isa tractorwith min.180 hp powered. A silage additive is possible and it can be place don the container 2x1000 Liter machine. By Tourniqet a uniform feeding of the ground material is carried to the rollers and allows automatic dosage of the silage.

The adapter for byproducts and interchangeable tunnels of 5.5, 6 and 8 foot tunnel CP2PLUS is at high power up to 60t / h universally applicable.




Technical Data    ROmiLL CP2 Plus
max. performance crushed                          50 - 60 t/h
                                      ground                        30 - 40 t/h
tractor drive                                                   min. 180 hp     
hopper volume                                                  6,00 m³
weight                                                                6..900 kg