AKRON EX 3600 2

Folienschlauch 2

Kobzarenko GUK


Unloading of grains without losses - High performance up to 300 t/h


  • all kinds of dry grain
  • option for unloading corn (reinforced frame with additional shaft)
  • hydraulic winding up of the bag during unloading
  • clean and lossless unloading by completely emptying the bag


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Technical Data     UNLOADER
transport width                                                         3,15 m
transport high                                                           3,00 m
transport length                                                       5,00 m
working width                                                           3,15 m
auger diameter                                                        400 mm
weight                                                                        2.500 kg
tractor drive required                                                   90 hp
performance                                          5 t/min (300 t per hour)