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The bagging technology is an efficient, flexible and environmentalfair system for the conservation and storage of all kinds of feed or other bulk materials in plastic bags. The fodder is filled by means of common end-dump trucks, silage trailers, wheeled loaders or other suitable devices into the silopress. Afterwards the material will be pressed by dint of a rotor in a polyethylene bag. The bags have a diameter from 1.50 m up to 4.20 m, a length from 30 m up to 150m and capacity of up to 1,500 tons. The feed is actively compressed, so that parameters such as in silos can be obtained. All agricultural feeds can be stored. These are mainly:



The fooder can be stored safely at least 18 months in BUDISSA BAG® bags in Central Europe.



  • Low capital cost per ton of silage and low capital risk (short service life compared to construction of an asset)
  • High efficiency and reliability
  • High flexibility in terms of the silage product, storage location and weather conditions
  • Low losses through immediate air exclusion, no edge and surface losses
  • Low after-fermenting losses through small incision areas
  • Safe conservation of special products such as pressed sugar beet pulp, CCM
  • Suitable for individual firms and contractors 
  • Environmentalfair procedure