Ensiling in silage bags - a modern technology
Ensiling in silage bags is an efficient, flexible and environmentally compatible technology to conserve and to store of all kind feedstuff. Originally developed for ensiling green waste this method can be used meanwhile for storing various substrates in silage bags due to the existence of different types of silo presses.  Ensiling in bags has spread rapidly throughout Europe, especially in the last decade.
The advantages compared to conventional silage methods are mainly:
  • Low losses  by immediate exclusion of air, no edge and surface losses.
  • The method is an environmentally compatible procedure.
  • High flexibility regarding the substrate, location and weather conditions.
  • Since various types of Silo presses are available, ensiling in bags is a method for farms of different sizes. This method is already practiced by small farmers in Switzerland up to the big agricultural companies in Eastern Europe.
Density measurements have shown that a compaction level similiar to  bunker silos can be achieved.  When using this technology  the compression in the core compared to the edge and surface areas is slightly higher. Thus, ensiling in bags does not distinguish from bunker silos. By using the silage bag technology, far higher storage quantities of LKS than of e.g. silo maize or pressed pulp were achieved.  However, this has nothing to do with the process itself, but rather with the dry matter content of the silage.
A reheating of the feedstuff can be excluded as far as possible. The quite small cut area allows usually a sufficiently high feed.  There is also the possibility to have different cut areas due to the various sizes of machine tunnels and silage bags. By using the silage bag technology one is fully able to respond to customer needs or rather to thedaily removal quantities. This is the crucial advantage of ensiling in silage bags. As with bunker silos, one has to protect the film against damages. Meanwhile this method is not only used by modern agricultural managers in agruculture. Even large bio gas plants are using this method as an alternative to build silos.
The silage bag technology is a guarantor ofsafe and low-risk investments. There is no need of subsidies compared to building new silos. Even therefore ensiling in bags is sustainable. Contrary to the widespread perception, bunker silos are cheaper than the Budissa BAG technolgy , accurate calculations and practical experiences in East German and Eastern Europe proved it otherwise. Comparatively new is the combination of ensiling in bags, grinding and conserving wet grain and maize. This method offers for wet grain and maize an alternative to drying and to other procedures of conservation. In some regions ensiling in bags is still not known and practiced. The main reason for this is that there is still too little information about this technolgy.  Publications, researches and the participation in small and large exhibitions and fairs shall help to popularise the Budissa BAG technology. 

Ensiling in silage bags

Ensiling in silage bags is an efficient, flexible and environmentally compatible technology to conserve and to store feedstuff of all kind.

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The feed conservation in bags by means of Silopress.


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Budissa Agroservice GmbH is a Saxon agricultural company specialized in the production and distribution of ensilage machines and accessories. Since 1997, the Silopress are produced in Germany. In addition to production and sales in more than 30 countries around the world is the product development in the field of feed conservation in bags at the top.